At Fox Movers we understand sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as they should. For those who need last minute storage or know they will need storage we offer standard ADT protected & climate controlled environment. Having a climate controlled storage is a good way to keep your sensitive items intact like clothing, furniture, electronics and artwork. Our storage facilities offer fire protection and 24-hour surveillance security so you can relax and feel secure about your items. In our grand warehouse we store your items in numbered crates, so your inventoried items all remain together exactly the way they were packed. We are privately owned and are not open to the public, so your items are in a safe zone. We can handle all sized moves in our warehouse but prices vary per move, contact one of our re-location specialists for further information about the storage options for your move.


Sometimes you may need to be out of your current location before your new location can let you move in. Fox Movers Inc. has a solution- overnight truck storage! Our skilled professionals provide fantastic cleaning tips and can pick up your items and hold them on the truck overnight in our secure indoor parking bay then deliver them to you the next day. Though there are additional costs involved in overnight truck holds it can be an easy and less costly option to your multi-step move. Please contact one of our representatives to get more details.


Location and duration of storage may be one of the reasons why you would select to choose a self storage location verse our storage. If you have the need to get in and out of your storage to go through items, add things, move stuff around, etc, you should contact an off-site storage close to where you plan on having the items delivered or ask us to find an off-site storage for you. Because Fox Movers Inc. has extensive knowledge of self-storage options in the Midwest Region we can not only assist in helping you find a self storage, but we can also help you figure out what size unit to purchase as well as determine which location you should select for your moving ease.

Contact us for Storage Services quote today. Give us a call at 773-638-6683 or fill out this form today.

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